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Trapshooting is a wonderful family sport. For over 45 years, this sport has provided me with a wealth of experience. It's taught me that, with persistence and quality instruction, most shooters can greatly improve their trapshooting scores. Quite simply, better scores will give you more satisfaction and more trips to the winner's circle.

I've drawn upon my experiences, both good and "not so" good, to establish a quality instructional program for trapshooters who want to improve their scores. I've named my program "Five-Step Trapshooting". It's a program designed to help YOU achieve better scores - proven many times over.

I can teach you my Five-Step Trapshooting program in several ways. Preferably, I'd like to teach you in person as I travel to various shoots where I conduct classes. Or, you can purchase my book or video and study at your own pace. Either way, you'll surely emerge as a better shooter and find yourself in the winner's circle!


About Daro

I first met Daro at the Medford Gun Club. Shortly after meeting Daro, he began working with me to improve my shooting techniques. Within five months, I had reached the 27-yard line in the ATA and PITA and achieved AA classification in singles and doubles. As with anything you desire to do well, you should seek out the best instructor available. When it comes to trapshooting, Daro Handy is just that. ~ Jack Elkins

Daro was born in Roseburg, Oregon on November 17, 1940. He attended school in Roseburg and graduated in 1958. In 1960, he joined the U.S. Air Force and shot big bore rifle for 1-1/2 years, setting a record over the national match course that held for many years. The next 2 1/2 years was spent shooting "American & International Trap", winning the European Championship and the Cup of Nations in Europe.

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Trapshooting with Daro Handy
Learn "Five Step Trapshooting" from one of the best and most Knowledgeable Trapshooters in the U.S.A.
He'll tell you the way it is. How much you know will measure how far you will go!
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